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Live Trade Room

Our Trading Room is a live trading and educational event each day from U.S. market open at 9:30 am.

Watch, Shadow and Trade along as we make LIVE trade calls on multiple futures using the Open Range Trading System.

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Currently Trading

S&P 500
Russell 2000

Our Live Trade Room Results

Joe Trader's Live Call Log results.
All calls are made live, charted in real time and verified by our members.

Gross Profit by 30 Day Month

January 1, 2013 thru Today | Scale Out Strategy

All results are current and updated instantly as trades are logged.

Day Trades Only | 10:15 am - 4:00 pm | All trades must close at EOD

Results reflect 3 cars (Contracts) | Results shown in US Dollars

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Education Services

Our goal at Open Range Trading is to help you make money.
We offer different levels of service so you only pay for what you need.

Trader Program

For those who want to learn how to make trade decisions on their own. Offering live In-Trade Support and unlimited Performance Suite access.

Mentoring Program

For those who aspire to be a professional trader. Our Mentor program offers a complete education through hands on guidance, teaching and support.

Did you know?

Small account or Big

Small account or big, we use the same approach with a multiple applied.

Contract Multiplier means the return % remains the same!

Works with ANY Instrument

Our system works with everything you trade, not just futures.

If it has a price and can be charted, our system works the same way!

  • Works with Futures, Options, Equities and Forex
  • Trade any Symbol
  • Trade any Instrument

You don't have to become a professional day trader to join our trading program.

Some members trade the Open Range System in our Live Trade Room, part-time to Earn Supplemental Income.


"I LOVE the Open Range Trading Program! The experience and guidance I get have helped me to slow down. By learning the OR method, I have been able to stay calmer during my trading sessions. I used to react to the market, hoping to be right. Now, I trade the setups the market provides for me and count my winnings at the end of the day. The OR Trading Program is an invaluable part of my new found trading success!"

Jennifer S. / North Carolina

"I've spent thousands dollars in other training, mentorship and stock-option programs, and none of them seem to work. This Open Range program is different than any other. You actually learn how to trade successfully and read price action. Plus in the Trade Room they are always available to answer any questions for group members live. I urge you to check it out."

Rick D / Indiana

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